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Smart Health Codes aims to inform people about common and dangerous health disorders in a language that everyone can understand and to enable them to take precautions before they encounter these problems. Imagine to have the right information and Smart Codes to make the right choices on the pursuit of Perfect Health, Wellness and Happiness!

Prevent, Protect, and Prolong the Life Span! Good Health is the only True Wealth, keep it Safe!

The Life Molecule

This molecule has wonderful benefits for heath and life quality. Nitric Oxide and its effects discovery won the Nobel Prize in 1998... Keep Reading

Antioxidant: NoRusting

As iron reacts with oxygen and rusts, our nearly 14 trillion cells are oxidized by free oxygen radicals produced by our Metabolism... Keep Reading

All about Omega 3

Omega 3 is an essential acid for cell's health protection. Without Omega 3, inflammation, cancer, brain activities, heart rhythm... Keep Reading

All about Collagen

Collagen, as the cement, builds 80% of the human body from birth to death! Collagen is 25% of the total body protein, is fibrous and much... Keep Reading

How to Delay Aging?

As all living things, humans have a biological clock, like a program written in genetics. From birth, they begin to grow and develop... Keep Reading

Vegetarian, Vegan Diet

Is Vegetarian or Vegan Diet healthier? Which diet to choose? Lacto-Ovo Vegetarianism, Pescatarianism, Flexitarianism and being Vegan... Keep Reading

Easy Weight Loss!

More and more people struggle with excess weight since 1950s caused by the imbalance between calories eaten and burned... Keep Reading

Diet Facts - Calories

Common principle and defect of weight loss diets is calorie restriction. Diets that rely on calorie restriction and causing chronic hunger... Keep Reading

Obesity Treatment

Being overweight is an important risk factor for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, rather than being an aesthetic problem... Keep Reading

Fasting and Autophagy

Metabolism can use the fasting period to recycling in cells! 2016 Nobel Prize was awarded to Y. Ohsumi for his work on Autophagy... Keep Reading

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence is men's nightmare and highly common! The inability to initiate and maintain sexual... Keep Reading

"NO" for "ED" Cure

EECP Method is using Nitric Oxide for Erectile Dysfunction cure to expand narrowed arteries and develop new capillaries... Keep Reading

Insulin Resistance Cure

Primary fuel of human metabolism is Glucose. Insulin is needed to open cells and let Glucose enter in order to be used as energy... Keep Reading

Is Diabetes Reversible?

Diabetes is a cruel chronic disease that can result in cardiovascular diseases, kidney failures, blindness, organ loss.. by affecting the thin... Keep Reading

Speed Up Metabolism

Metabolism refers to all biochemical activities for the maintenance of life, and is closely related to general health and life span expectancy... Keep Reading

Lowering Cholesterol

High cholesterol is not a disease but a metabolic disorder caused by lifestyle. Cholesterol-lowering Statin drugs prevent... Keep Reading

Chronic Inflammation

Acute Inflammation, a reaction of the immune system to unknown, is correct and necessary, but Chronic Inflammation causes tissue death... Keep Reading

Gut Health Importance

Guts and trillions of good and bad bacteria living in it are vital for health. Called Guts Microbiome, Intestinal Flora, or the second Brain... Keep Reading

Hypertension Kills!

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Chronic Fatigue

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Value of Good Sleep

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Is Breakfast Necessary?

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All about Gluten

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Meat, Eggs, Foe or Pal?

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Yogurt, Cheese are Pal?

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Salt, Sugar and Bread

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Is Cold Water Healthy?

Swimming in winter is maybe the last thing to dream of doing! But when the health benefits and nice effects on metabolism are learned... Keep Reading
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