The way of reversing Diabetes permanently and get rid of insuline injections and drugs!

The number of people who die from Diabetes every year is about 50 times more than those who die in the Coronavirus Epidemic. Diabetes is a very frightening chronic disease that can result in coronary heart disease, kidney diseases and failure, blindness and organ loss by affecting the thin blood vessels.

Is diabetes reversible? How to get rid of insuline injections and drugs?

The American Diabetes Association, which is considered the number 1 authority on diabetes in the world, has defined diabetes as an irreversible, progressive, chronic disease for many years. This association has developed some treatment protocols in the treatment of diabetes and these protocols have become standard all over the world.

But are these treatments really effective? Generally, the person diagnosed with Diabetes is started on a medication and told to avoid sugar and carbohydrates. After drug use starts, which is two or three years, the disease progresses and a second drug is needed. It is managed for a few more years with these drugs. At some point, when these oral medications are insufficient, insulin therapy is started by injection. With the progression of the disease over the years, insulin therapy can start from 5-10 units a day and increase to 60, 80, 100 units a day.

Is diabetes reversible? How to get rid of insuline injections and drugs?

The worst part is that the known terrible complications of diabetes, which are tried to be controlled with both drugs and insulin therapy, continue to progress at the same speed. While these patients are mostly under treatment, they either become patients with coronary artery disease, or vascular complications occur in their kidneys or eyes, and they become victims.

The real cure is to put the patient in a state where they don't need the drug. To give an example, let's say a child caught a beta germ at school, had a fever, fell ill. The treatment is clear, the patient is given antibiotics, this can take three to five days, up to a week, eventually the bacteria die, the infection dries up and the treatment is completed, and of course the drug is discontinued. If a patient has to take medication continuously, there is no cure. This is exactly the case with diabetes. If the person is sentenced to life-long medication or insulin, no treatment can be mentioned here.

Is diabetes reversible? How to get rid of insuline injections and drugs?

Is it possible to bring a diabetic to a state where he or she will not need medication? To treat diabetes, it is necessary to first understand the cause of diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is caused by insulin resistance. There is no discussion about this. Insulin resistance results from the loss of sensitivity of our cells to the hormone insulin. Check out our Insulin Resistance Treatment page.

Detailed reading:
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If the cause of diabetes is insulin resistance, what is the cause of insulin resistance? The reason for insulin resistance, in scientific terms, is lipotoxicity, the cellular fatting. And the cause of cellular fatting:
- Overeating,
- Harmful Nutrition,
- Obesity,
- Inactivity.
All of these factors are factors that stem from a person's lifestyle and can be changed. The answer to the question of whether diabetes is reversible is yes. If the factors that cause diabetes are eliminated, it is possible to reverse or even completely eliminate diabetes.

Is diabetes reversible? How to get rid of insuline injections and drugs?

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The concept of disease reversal, that is, the reversal of diseases with dramatic lifestyle changes, is a treatment method that has been adopted and applied in many Medical Centers and Universities in the world, especially in the United States of America, in recent years.

Detailed reading:
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The disease reversal treatment program is a bit of a painstaking and long-term treatment, it can take from one to six months, but the results are well worth the effort. Since each patient's metabolism, living conditions and even psychology are different, this program is prepared as a personalized program after a detailed evaluation. Briefly, the main lines of the program are:
- Avoiding sugar, sweets and refined carbohydrates,
- Avoiding fats, especially animal fats,
- A diet rich in vegetables, salads and lean proteins,
- Sometimes calorie restriction,
- Creating a healthy population of probiotic bacteria in the intestines,
- Weight loss in overweight patients,
- Intermittent fasting applied in a controlled manner,
- Regular movement,
- To raise awareness of patients on this issue.

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Is diabetes reversible? How to get rid of insuline injections and drugs?

As a result of this treatment, which can last for one to six months, very important progress and improvements are achieved in the vast majority of patients, drugs and insulin are either completely discontinued or it is possible to reduce them to a very small dose. After reaching the desired goal, a normalization process, especially nutrition, can be started in the life of the patients.

The vast majority of patients, especially those using insulin, are initially taken to an intensive treatment program that lasts for 6 weeks. During this period, patients are followed closely and their medications are gradually tapered and finally discontinued. However, if the patient's diabetes is not very advanced or if there is no opportunity to participate in a six-week program, it will be guiding to examine our page called insulin resistance treatment. In this way, the degree of the disease can be alleviated and its course can be slowed down.

Is diabetes reversible? How to get rid of insuline injections and drugs?

Many patients with diabetes that has reached an uncontrollable level among coronary artery disease patients have the chance to get rid of insulin and other drugs by going through the disease reversal stages. In parallel with the control of diabetes, the complaints in the heart are also alleviated because, as a main principle, when the harmful effect of diabetes on the vessels is eliminated, the vessels relax, the blood circulation accelerates and increases, and a significant reduction in the patient's heart-related problems occurs.

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