Bathing or swimming in cold water has numerous benefits for overall health and the immune system.

One might think bathing or swimming in cold water is one of the last things to dream of doing. However, when the important health effects are learned, it may be desirable to try bathing in cold water or swimming in the sea in winter. Here are the effects of bathing or swimming in cold water on the human body and immunity:

Strengthens the immune system:

Cold water helps increase white blood cell count as the body is forced to respond to changing conditions. This increase in white blood cells allows the body to activate its defenses more effectively. Resistance to diseases increases and people feel more alive.

swim in cold water

Increases the pain threshold:

Bathing or swimming in cold water activates endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals produced by the brain to make people feel good during activities. Swimming is a very good cardio exercise and has positive effects on depression. In addition, swimming in cold water increases the pain threshold and the released endorphin helps to cope with the pain.

Improves blood circulation:

Bathing or swimming in cold water clears the arteries and capillaries. It pushes blood to the surface and helps warm the body. Repeated exposure adapts a person to the cold.

Increases self-esteem:

The process of forcing a stay in cold water can have the effect of increasing mental strength. Stepping out of the comfort zone gives a sense of accomplishment, as well as builds confidence and courage and can increase resilience in other areas of life.

swim in cold water

Increases Awareness:

When entering cold water, the nervous system is put into overload. Nerve endings transmit how cold the body is to the brain. The brain has limited bandwidth, and with the intense feeling of water there is no room for the brain to skim through to-do lists or worry about anything but the cold. Bathing or swimming in cold water has a lot in common with mindfulness exercises and offers a break from everyday thoughts.

Increases libido:

Bathing or swimming in cold water increases the production of estrogen and testosterone, giving an advantage to fertility and libido. Improvements in self-confidence, self-esteem and mood can be observed with increased libido.

swim in cold water

Reduces Inflammation:

Ice baths are practiced by elite athletes around the world to aid post-performance recovery. The body responds to cold by diverting blood from the extremities to protect its organs. Low blood flow to the limbs reduces inflammation and allows muscles to heal much faster. Bathing or swimming in cold water can provide all the benefits of an ice bath.

Increases metabolic rate:

The heart pumps blood faster in cold water and works harder to keep the body warm while swimming. The heart's pumping more blood and the cells working harder to keep the body warm increase the metabolic rate and daily calorie expenditure.

swim in cold water

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