EECP Method. The use of Nitric Oxide for Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence) Treatment.

The EECP (Enhanced External Counter Pulsation) is a method normally used in the treatment of severe coronary artery diseases, but during the application of this treatment, it was noticed that there was a sexual revival in the patients and a new field of use was born. Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction, the men's fearful dream, with EECP method!

With the EECP method, some expansion of the narrowed coronary arteries and, more importantly, the development of new capillaries in the heart are aimed. At the end of the treatment, there is an increase in the blood supply to the heart and the distress of the patients is significantly reduced.

Using Nitric Oxide for Erectile Dysfunction cure

The main usage area of EECP treatment is coronary artery disease and heart failure conditions, those who benefit from this treatment are:

Inoperable patients who cannot have coronary bypass surgery or are very risky,

Patients who have had a previous coronary bypass, whose bypasses have become occluded or inadequate over time,

Patients whose stents were previously inserted into the heart vessels and whose stents were occluded or inadequate,

Patients who do not want to have surgery,

Heart failure patients.

EECP cure is a treatment method approved by the American Ministry of Health and FDA and is applied in more than 1200 centers in the USA.

Using Nitric Oxide for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

EECP therapy has a special device. Cuffs such as the cuffs of a sphygmomanometer are attached to the calf, leg and hip of the patient, and the patient is monitored. The device's computer monitors the patient's heartbeat and inflates balloons at the point where the heart relaxes, sending more blood to the heart. In this way, there is an increase in blood in the coronary vessels that feed the heart and enlargement of the vessels, and most importantly, the development of new capillaries in the heart is provided.

It was observed that some of the patients who received EECP treatment had sexual rejuvenation after a while, and this issue was started to be investigated. Previously, this was thought to be due to the increase in blood flow to that area, but when the research was deepened, it was seen that there was another mechanism involved.

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It has been understood that the reason for the decrease in Erectile Dysfunction complaints of the patients, is the increase of the secretion of Nitric Oxide from the vessels due to the increased vascular circulation and vasodilation in consequence of the EECP method. It is known that drugs such as Viagra, which are used for the causes and treatment of Erectile Dysfunction, are effective over the Nitric Oxide hormone. Therefore, besides the natural bypass feature of this treatment, there is also a natural Viagra effect.

EECP treatment is applied as 20, 30 or 40 sessions depending on the patient's condition in the treatment of heart diseases. In the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction, 20 sessions are usually sufficient.

For the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and for a healthy sexual life in general, first of all, there must be a healthy body and a healthy metabolism. Factors such as diabetes, hypertension, drug use for cardiovascular diseases can affect sexual life, and it is very important to have a healthy nutrition diet.

Using Nitric Oxide for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Benefiting from foods that increase blood circulation and Nitric Oxide synthesis due to their healthy properties is essential, so applying all of the treatment methods together brings success.

Let's remember the foods that increase sexual power:
Red Beet,
Hot Pepper,
Olive Oil,
Greens and Salads,
Dark Chocolate.
In addition, vitamin D level and a healthy metabolism are very important for a healthy sex life.

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